How Much for that Tummy Tuck? Information on the U.S. Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Industry

In the U.S., strictly speaking “Plastic Surgery” is surgery performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Other surgery designed to enhance appearance, for example, a dermatologist removing a facial mole, is described as “Cosmetic Surgery”.

A definition of the industry is provided by IBIS World Industry Reports.

The Industry provides medical techniques to enhance physical appearance for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes ” (IBIS Plastic Surgeons , October 2011).

Two specialty physician professional associations for plastic surgeons that collect data will be helpful in analyzing the industry:

1. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons  – The largest plastic surgery specialty organization. See their procedural statistics page. The Organization reports  performing 13.8 million surgical procedures in 2011.

2. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members are American Board of Plastic Surgery certified physicians. Their Statistics page, provides data on procedure

volumes and includes average fees. For example, the U.S. national average for an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) was $5,278 in 2011.

Market research reports are helpful in analyzing the industry.

1. Academic aggregates market research reports from several providers. A search for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery will find reports such as, “The Facial Rejuvenation Markets” (Kalorama, April 2011).

2. IBIS World Industry Reports has a key report Plastic Surgeons ( October 2011). IBIS estimates U.S. revenue from plastic surgery as $12.5 billion in 2011. They define the industry broadly to include both cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here is an excerpt from a table in the report with IBIS’ estimates of key statistics for the industry.

Key Statistics
Revenue ($m) IVA ($m) Establishments Enterprises Employment Wages ($m)
2011 12,527.50 5,654.60 7,037 6,452 46,191 4,775.00
2012 12,853.80 5,852.60 7,075 6,466 47,503 5,059.00
2013 13,513.70 6,199.30 7,187 6,560 48,757 5,156.40

3. BCC Research – reports from BCC Research cover a wide range of specialized scientific and technical topics. Search for Cosmetic Surgery to find their 2009 report, “Cosmetic Surgery Markets: Products & Services.”

For business literature on the industry try Business Source Complete and ABI/Inform, two business literature databases that cover a wide range of general business magazines (e.g. Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek), scholarly, and trade (e.g. Cosmetic Surgery Times) publications. To find news and articles about the market, try a search for:

Plastic Surgery (as a Subject – from pull down menu). This search will also retrieve articles on cosmetic surgery.

You can also search more specifically for particular procedures. For example, a search for ABDOMINOPLASTY in Business Source Complete will retrieve such titles as “Tummy Talk” and “GUT Instinct” from Cosmetic Surgery Times.

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