Take the Data and Run: The Sports Business Research Network

Sports Business Research Network (SBRNet) bills itself as “The Source of Knowledge for the Sport Industry”.  This is a “must have” database for academic libraries documenting the business of sports. Covering more than 50 sports —  from Archery to Yoga – SBRNet provides extremely detailed data on market size, demographics, sports participation, licensing, financial and retail trends, as well as international marketing and professional sports trends.

It includes buyTRACK, which tracks the sales of sporting goods purchased on the Internet. In addition, SBRNet covers stories related to sports business in 80 or so magazines and journals, ranging from general sources such as Business Week, to the sport specific, e.g. Baseball Business Journal.

The table excerpt below will give you a sense of the granularity of the market data available from SBRNet. The numbers reflect the percentage of all buyers of the shoe type (e.g. basketball, baseball) that purchased the brand of shoe. The “—“  in a cell indicates that the market share was less than .1%. The data is based on national consumer studies conducted annually by the National Sporting Goods Association. The actual table on SBRNet has data back to 1993 and includes 113 items.

Brand Share Market Query (for NIKE)

Item          2007              2008          2009          2010          2011
Aerobic Shoes: Nike 25.1 20.4 25.7 30.8 34.1
Backpacks: Nike 3.8 5.9 5.6 6.6 9.5
Backpacks: Starter (Nike) 0.8            —            — 1.2          —
Baseball Gloves/Mitts (exc. Batting): Nike 10.4 10.2 3.8 9.1 8.1
Baseball Shoes: Nike 58.6 53 57.4 56 59.1
Basketball Shoes: Converse (Nike) 4.1 5.4 6.5 4.3 3.7
Basketball Shoes: Jordan (Nike) 7.6 8.2 12.1 8.5 9.4
Basketball Shoes: Nike 49.2 58.2 57.5 66.5 65.9
Basketball Shoes: Starter (Nike) 0.7            —            —             —             —
Basketballs: Nike 10.7 8.6 5.2 12.9 8.8

SBRNet has announced the inclusion of new content and functionality coming in September 2012.

  • A company/brand centralized search feature will provide a single access point to brand share information, financial trends and an article search for a selected company or brand name.
  • A major study updating the “Sports Fan Market Study” will be coming in December 2012.
  • The addition of an “Article Search” section to all statistical tables.
  • Changes to the Sports Venues section include: Publication of the “SBRNet Venue Development Guide,” an e-book explaining how to develop sports venues from concept to completion, a new article search option, and separate links for ticket prices, naming rights, team purchase financial trends and trends in team valuations from 2000 to the present.

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