Put Your Wallet Away: The Library has the Wall Street Journal

Have you heard that the Wall Street Journal is available to students online, but can’t seem to find Penn’s subscription on the WSJ website?

Wall Stree Journal Logo

You are not alone. The Lippincott Library has full-text access to the newspaper, but not through WSJ online. You can access the newspaper through several of our subscription databases.  Below is an outline of the many places you can find the Wall Street Journal, both current and historical.


Dow Jones Factiva is a key source for news information, covering 35,000+ full-text newspapers and magazines, including key papers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.  Coverage of the WSJ in this database goes back to 1984. You can both browse the newspaper in this database as well as search for specific articles.

The News Pages tab is where you can browse through the last 2 weeks of both the NYT and WSJ by section.

By going to Search and selecting the Search Builder, you can search for specific articles. Click on the blue arrow next to Source to select The Wall Street Journal – All Sources as the newspaper you want to search within.

You can also find the full-text HTML version of Wall Street Journal articles back to 1991 in ABI/Inform.  Start by clicking on Publications near the top of the screen.  In the Publication Search box, search for Wall Street Journal and select the newspaper from the list. You can then browse by date or search for specific articles.

Proquest Digital Microfilm WSJcontains images of the exact pages as printed from the WSJ, New York Times, and Washington Post, from 2008-present. There is a three month embargo, so if you need to see yesterday’s newspaper in its original form come to the Lippincott Library Current Periodicals area to read the print version. Searching is limited in the Proquest database. If you are looking for a specific article, you must know the date on which it was published, and then browse through that day’s newspaper to find the article.

You will find the WSJ Europe and WSJ Asia in Library PressDisplay.  Use the “Select Title…” drop-down box at the top of the screen to select either newspaper.


For historical Wall Street Journal articles take a look at Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal (1889-1994). This database allows you to browse on a specific date or search for keywords. The PDF full-text shows articles as they were originally printed.

Historical issues of the WSJ (from January 1920 – January 2010) are also available on microfilm (in the microform cabinets in Lippincott Library).

Want more Newspapers?

For additional sources of information about newspapers (national, international and local) in the Penn Libraries, see this Business FAQ.

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