Simmons Says – Analyzing Consumer Marketing Variables

What magazines are most heavily read by women who have bought GAP jeans recently? What are the favorite TV programs for men under 30 who drink Redbull? Gap redbull logoThe answer to such detailed questions on the relationship among product and brand usage, spending behavior, media habits and demographic factors require a database that allows us to cross classify variables.

One such database is Simmons OneView, which provides U.S. adult consumer information on product and brand usage, spending behavior, and media habits. It can be used to create multi-level crosstabulations analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of product users and their media behavior. The data comes from the Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS), which is sent out to samples of the U.S. population several times a year. Simmons also conducts a National Hispanic Consumer Study (NHCS), which includes the same data as the NCS but asks additional questions of Hispanics.

The database has several thousand variables including lifestyle information, detailed demographics, media habits, brand purchases and consumption. The crosstab function is simple and flexible.

Here’s how to discover the magazines read by women who bought GAP jeans.

Simmons screen1a

The procedure is to select variables from the left panel and drag them to the space under Rows and Columns in the right panel. In the first screen, we have moved the Gender variable to the Column space, and the list of magazines to the Rows space. Clicking the Crosstab button will produce the results shown in the screenshot below.

Simmons screen2a

Here is another way of presenting the data.

Simmons screen3a>

This is Simmons’ “Private Eye” view. We have limited the view to women only, by selecting “Females” (button in center). We have also sorted the Index column so that the most heavily read magazines are listed first. For example, Women’s Day, with an Index of 179, is read 79% more frequently by women than an “average” magazine (Index of 100).

To add the variable “Bought Gap Jeans” to the crosstab, we first click on the “Base” button on the top right. Then we expand the variable “Apparel”

Apparel –> Jeans –> Brand bought in last 12 months –> GAP

Drag GAP into the space provided in the right column, and rerun the crosstab.

Simmons screen4a

Brides Magazine is the first choice of women buyers of GAP jeans.

But the asterisk by the sample size for Brides (*43) cautions us that the sample size may be too small to place much reliance on the ranking.

There is one limitation on the use of Simmons by the Penn Community. The database can only be accessed on the Penn Campus.

For more data on consumer demographics and buying behavior take a look at our Business FAQ.

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