Clean, Green, and Renewable Energy. Are there any Alternatives?

Alternative energy sources are intended to replace fuel sources that have negative impacts on the environment or to substitute for non-renewable resources. Alternative energy sources are also referred to as “Renewable Resources”, “Clean Energy” or “Green Energy”.

The Penn Libraries have several specialized resources of information for the alternative energy market.

Alternative Energy eTrack (Global Data) is a database of alternative energy information encompassing a range of industry markets and equipment worldwide.

Alternative Energy eTrack includes intelligence on companies operating in the global alternative energy market and covers all key alternative energy markets including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, bio, ocean, hydrogen, energy storage, energy efficiency and energy infrastructure markets.


It includes data on 80,000 alternative energy power plants. In addition to output data, eTrack has deal information relating to M&A, financing, strategic alliances and PE/VC firms. Also, the database includes explanations of the developments in policies and regulations that support renewables, including carbon market analysis.

A final feature is more than one hundred detailed reports like “Wind Power in the UK. Market Outlook to 2025”.

BCC Research includes comprehensive market research reports in several areas including Energy And Resources. Other areas are Environment, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, and Chemicals. BCC’s research reports bridge the gap between business and engineering. They are quite specific. BCC TableAn example from their Energy collection is the 248-page report, “Advanced Materials and Devices for Renewable Energy in Global Markets” which includes tables detailing “US Demand for Advanced Materials”.

Cleantech is a database of companies, investors, trends, relationships and financial transactions shaping the clean technology landscape. The main subject emphasis is on Agriculture, Air & Environment, Biofuels, Biomaterials, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Materials, Recycling and Waste, Smart Grid, Solar, Transportation, Water and Wastewater, and Wind.

Cleantech has ten years of data with information on 19,000 companies. You can screen for companies by development stage, country, company status, and type of funding; or screen by investors by type and number of deals.

For more information on renewable energy sources, see our FAQ on renewable energy and our Energy Industry Research Guide.

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