Panjiva Panegyric — Resources for Supplier Information

PanjivaPanjiva is a database of information from 2.5 million product suppliers worldwide. The data comes from U.S Customs and Border Protection (bill of lading shipment records), credit information providers, compliance organizations, trade associations, and more. Its supplier profiles include a company overview, shipment statistics, detailed list of buyers, breakdown of products, and a Panjiva supplier “rating”. Search by product (e.g. snuggie), supplier/ buyer company names (e.g. Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, etc.), and industries (e.g. electronics).

Here is the first page of a search for suppliers of Microsoft.

panjiva 99

Clicking on the name of a supplier will produce a report giving a company description, a list of U.S. customers, major products shipped, a time series of shipment data, and a Panjiva numerical rating based on the pattern of the supplier’s shipments over time. You can also request a shipment quote from the supplier online.

Panjiva is designed to supply very current and extremely detailed information on suppliers to companies. As such it has a number of specific features including:

  • Detailed search for customs data
  • Searching for a supplier within a specific location
  • Creating lists of potential suppliers
  • Discovering the suppliers of competing companies
  • Vetting a supplier
  • Spotting product trends

Here is an example of a graph showing the general pattern of shipments of sunglasses to the U.S. over the last several years.

Panjiva sunglasses

Founded in 2006 with the prosaic name “Global Reference Check”, Panjiva is a play on the word Pangaea, the name for the super-continent in existence 300 million years ago.

Panjiva is a unique, specialized, and well thought out data source for any supplier related data you are looking for.

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