The Most Interesting Man in the World: Researching Ad Campaigns Worldwide

89434f02You may not know Jonathan Goldsmith, but you would certainly recognize him as “the world’s most interesting man.” Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign both increased sales of Dos Equis 18% and made Goldsmith a television commercial icon. WARC’s case study “Dos Equis / Heineken USA – The Most Interesting Man in the World” details this commercial’s success, both strategy and results. Take a look at WARC’s catalog of case studies for more examples of successful brand marketing.

WARC (World Advertising Research Center) is known for its database of case studies, articles, news, and market intelligence on advertising.

The text portion of the database consists of thousands of case studies from North WarcLogoAmerica, Europe, Australia, India and China as well as news stories, articles and best practice guides.

The data portion includes:

  • Ad expenditures from 1981 to 2011 for 10 mediums in 80 countries
  • Quarterly Forecasts for 2010-2013 for 12 major markets
  • Global Media Costs
  • TV viewing and market shares for 70 countries

“Ad Spend Data” gives the widest view of advertising expenditures by date and country. WARC provides ready-made tables as well as the option to build a custom table. The table below gives the first few annual entries for ad spending in Australia.

WARC ad Spend 2

“The Quarterly Forecasts” data is presented in current and constant U.S. dollars as well as in Purchasing Power Parities. Year on year changes and countries share of total market is available as well.


“Global Media Costs” lets you compare ads across markets, media, target audience, and periods.

Global Media Cost Comparison 2

Global Media tables present costs in “Gross Rating Points.”  “GRP’s”  are the percent of target audience reached by a 30 second ad times the frequency the audience sees the ad. If 50% of an audience is reached by an ad and it is seen three times, the GRP for the ad is 150 (3 x 50).

Billing itself as the “world’s most comprehensive marketing information service,” WARC is an invaluable source for researching the international advertising market.

For more on advertising, take a look at the Advertising and Marketing Industries Research Guide as well as a number of Business FAQ’s related to advertising.

One thought on “The Most Interesting Man in the World: Researching Ad Campaigns Worldwide

  1. Michael, We are thrilled that you and your team have subscribed to this great resource. We look forward to leveraging the full research power of the data and analysis. Thanks so much for this and the very helpful tutorial from Mia Wells!

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