Bloomberg Highlights: Round 3

Bloomberg  Highlights is back again to show off more of what Bloomberg can do. For more highlights, take a look at Round 1 and Round 2.

Bloomberg Social Media Alert

Bloomberg measures the volume of postings about companies from StockTwits, Twitter, Yahoo Finance message boards, and other social media sites. A BSV alert is triggered by an unusually high number of social media postings regarding a company. Such alerts may be early warning signs of significant company events.

Type BSV and hit the green <GO> key. For individual company alerts, type a ticker (hit the equity key) and then type BSV and hit GO.

For example: F <EQUITY> BSV <GO>

Here is a graph of the velocity alerts of Ford Motor Company showing an unusual pattern of social media alerts.

Bloomberg Velocity graph

Private Company Information

Although Bloomberg is primarily a source of financial information about public companies, it does list information about several hundred private companies. These are private companies that have public debt. To see if a company is covered by Bloomberg, type the name of the company into the command line and hit the yellow <Equity> key.

For example, typing Cargill into the command line will bring up a four page company description with links to the company’s financial data.

Bloomberg Cargill description

The financial data provided for Cargill is fairly comprehensive and current.

Bloomberg Cargill financials

In addition, Bloomberg provides links to the original source documents for their data. Cargill’s financial detail is given in the “Program Prospectus”.

Bloomberg Cargill docs

Analyst Reports

To get access to analyst reports (investment bank reports) on Bloomberg, type the following into the command line:

Ticker [Equity] BRC <GO>

Bloomberg analyst reports

Bloomberg analyst reports are a useful adjunct to the analyst reports in Thomson One.  In a previous post “Wrestling with Analyst Reports”, we’ve outlined how to access and download analyst reports using Thomson One. For additional information on analyst reports, take a look at our Business FAQ on the topic.

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