Private Company Research Part II: Corporate Affiliations

Continuing with our search for private company information, in this post we highlight another database that you can use to find private company information. Take a look at our previous post on researching private companies for a good place to find private company financials.

corporate-affiliationsr-logoCorporate Affiliations shows the corporate structure of more than 1 million public and private companies worldwide, with subsidiary listings and corporate linkage. Some important features of this database are:


Corporate Hierarchy

Corporate hierarchy shows the relationships among parents and subsidiaries. To find this information, search by company name. After selecting the company of interest, click on “Hierarchy” found in the left-hand menu. The screen below shows part of the corporate hierarchy of Bain Capital.

Corp Affiliation Bain Cap

Company Executives

Use this database to find detailed lists of executives, their titles and biographies. For example, you can search and retrieve executives worldwide who are Wharton graduates (there are more than 1,200). The screen below is a partial list of Wharton graduates who are officers in Chinese companies.

Corp Affil list of grads

Search Path: Feature => Bio Search => Advanced Search => Criterion (Education) = Univ of Pa Wharton

Cross-Border Ownership

Lists and descriptions of cross-border ownership – for example French owned companies operating in Germany.

Corp Affill France & Germany

Search Path: Feature => Advanced Search => Criterion (e.g. Parent Company=France and Country=Germany).

Historical Information

In addition to its current data, Corporate Affiliations has a file of historical information from 1993 on. This makes it easy to track corporate ownership and executive movement over time.

Search Path: Feature => Historical Search (search for company, country, person, SIC, and sales range)

As we mentioned in our first post on private companies, the Penn Libraries subscribe to several databases that cover this type of research. So far we’ve highlighted ORBIS and Corporate Affiliations. In future posts we will continue our coverage of private company databases. For more, take a look at our Business FAQ on finding private company information.

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