Increase Your Market Share IQ

The cartoon character Dogbert gives this advice to the Boss:

“It’s easy to create a strategy – Write down everything you do preceded by the phrase Increase our Market Share by.

Creating strategy a la Dogbert is easy. Finding market share data can be tough.

Market share is the percentage of a market, usually defined in units or in revenue, accounted for by a company, a brand, a product, a commodity, or an institution.  The market can be defined geographically, as broadly as the entire world or as narrowly as a zip code. Market share figures are usually calculated for the year, but some industries require more frequent updates. For example, the publication MusicWeek gives weekly market shares by corporate group for artists’ singles and albums. In addition, we may want historical time series or a projection of market share data. The number of potential requests for specific combinations of products, companies, geography and time is almost endless.

Here are some sources for market share data.


Bloomberg’s industry surveys module is a good source for market share data for more than one hundred industry groups. The screen below shows market share data for North American Passenger Airlines. Use the command BI <GO> to access Bloomberg Industries. Select an industry and then click on “Market Share” from the left-hand menu. Bloomberg is available at the Lippincott Library and Huntsman Hall.

Note that passenger airlines have their own unique market share metric “Revenue Passenger Kilometers”

bloomberg bi north american market share

Market Share Reporter Continue reading

It’s Not Rocket Science: Part II – Creating a Monitor or Watch List

Our previous post on Launchpad went over the basic structure of the tool. For those just joining, Bloomberg Launchpad BLP <GO> is a tool used to personalize your Bloomberg desktop. We opened up Part I by displaying an example Launchpad View, which is made up of several parts including a monitor, components, view, and groups.  In this post we cover how to set up a Monitor, which is a watch list of securities. Once you have your watch list, you can decide which components you would like to display, but that’s for next time.

Start to create a View by setting up a Monitor or selecting a Security. In either case you will then add other Components. In this example we will build a View by adding a Monitor. In Part III we will add additional Components to expand our View.

Creating a Monitor

There are several ways to set up a Monitor.

blank monitorType Monitor into the keyword search box in the Launchpad toolkit and click on the link.   A blank monitor screen will appear. Or, in Launchpad, click on Tools, and then click on the Monitor Manager.  Next, click on Create New.

This brings you to a sample Monitor so you are able to see how a completed Monitor will look. Next, click on Launch Monitor which will retrieve the same blank monitor as above.

Third, click on Browse in the Launchpad Toolkit.  You will be brought to a list of Components.  Select Monitor. Click on the link and a sample screen will appear.  Click on Launch Monitor to get the same blank Monitor screen. Continue reading

Just in Time for April 15: Federal Tax Research


Since 1913, CCH has been providing information on tax, accounting, and auditing. Intelliconnect (formerly CCH Internet Tax Research Network) is a primary resource for finding information about the tax code, regulations, case law, and more. The amount of content available is overwhelming, which can make searching for specific tax information difficult. In this post, we show you the mechanics of searching Intelliconnect and how to quickly and easily parse out federal tax information.

You can search across the entire CCH Library using the search box or within specific publications for a more targeted search. A good starting point for federal tax information is in Tax Research Consultant and Standard Federal Tax Reporter. Both publications are written by experts at CCH. The explanations use plain language to make the tax code easier to understand while also providing links to the primary sources.

  • Tax Research Consultant – explanations include practical examples, sample calculations, comments and more. Useful for researching how to solve common tax problems. Content is arranged topically.
  • Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter is arranged to coincide with the federal income tax code. Includes links to full-text IRS documents (e.g. regulations, cases, etc.), where applicable.

tax research consultantLet’s try a sample search. Let’s say you are searching for hobby loss deductions. Begin by expanding Federal Tax => Federal Tax Editorial Content and selecting Tax Research Consultant and Standard Federal Tax Reporter. Once these two publications are selected, search for the terms hobby loss deduction in the search box. The drop-down box will automatically change to search within the “Selected Content.” This means you will only be searching within those two publications, rather than the entire CCH library. Continue reading