Increase Your Market Share IQ

The cartoon character Dogbert gives this advice to the Boss:

“It’s easy to create a strategy – Write down everything you do preceded by the phrase Increase our Market Share by.

Creating strategy a la Dogbert is easy. Finding market share data can be tough.

Market share is the percentage of a market, usually defined in units or in revenue, accounted for by a company, a brand, a product, a commodity, or an institution.  The market can be defined geographically, as broadly as the entire world or as narrowly as a zip code. Market share figures are usually calculated for the year, but some industries require more frequent updates. For example, the publication MusicWeek gives weekly market shares by corporate group for artists’ singles and albums. In addition, we may want historical time series or a projection of market share data. The number of potential requests for specific combinations of products, companies, geography and time is almost endless.

Here are some sources for market share data.


Bloomberg’s industry surveys module is a good source for market share data for more than one hundred industry groups. The screen below shows market share data for North American Passenger Airlines. Use the command BI <GO> to access Bloomberg Industries. Select an industry and then click on “Market Share” from the left-hand menu. Bloomberg is available at the Lippincott Library and Huntsman Hall.

Note that passenger airlines have their own unique market share metric “Revenue Passenger Kilometers”

bloomberg bi north american market share

Market Share Reporter

Published as an annual printed volume for more than 20 years, Market Share Reporter is now also available as an e-book. Covering thousands of companies, brands and services, Market Share Reporter combs the business literature for data.  Because of this, its contents reflect what is popular and topical. There is usually a lag of a year or more before data is reported. The printed version of the Reporter is useful for its bibliography of more than 2,000 primary and secondary sources. The report below is from the 2013 e-book version.

Carbonated Soft Drink Sales, 2007-2011

2007                14.66
2008                14.24
2009                13.91
2010                13.80
2011                13.50

Source: Beverage World, May 2012, p. 27 from Beverage Marketing Corp.

Passport GMID 

Passport GMID is Euromonitor International’s global market analysis platform for industry research. The database monitors industry trends and is a key source for market share and market size data for 20+ industries in 80 countries world-wide. To find market size or market share data for a particular company or brand, begin by clicking on Search in the top toolbar. Select your industry of interest from the category tree. Select a broad category like Alcoholic Drinks or one of its sub-categories (e.g. Beer, Cider/Perry, Wine, etc.). Choose your Geography and Run Search. The results will include statistics like Market Size, Company Shares, Brand Shares, Distribution, Imports/Exports, Pricing, and more. Below is an excerpt from the Brand Shares chart for the Australian wine industry.

Brand Shares Australia

Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports frequently contain market share information. IBISWorld, for example, includes market share data in the section of its reports describing  “Major Companies”. Below is an excerpt of the market share information for Craft Beer Production (OD4302). The market research reports prepared by BBC Research are an excellent source of market share data on high tech industries including such fields as biotechnology, nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing.

IBIS market shareSee our FAQ on Market Research Reports for additional sources.

Business Literature

Although Market Share Reporter is an excellent index to data on market share in business trade sources, its information is always at least a year out of date. The databases Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform, Business and Industry, PROMT and Factiva Dow Jones all supply more current data. Each of these databases has a slightly different way of searching for the concept of “market share”.

In each source, combine the “market share” concept with a product or company name e.g.  NS=C313 and COKE; or EC=Market Share and Cell Phones.


1Statista worldwide-market-shares-of-pc-vendorsStatista is a database that aggregates statistical data on over 600 international industries from more than 18,000 sources, including market researchers, trade organizations, scientific journals, and government databases. Search for “market share” together with a company, brand, product and geographic location. For example, market share and PC. Statista allows presentation of the data in either graph or tabular format. Their graph of market share data above is from the technology research company Gartner.

For a recap of these sources take a look at our Business FAQ “How do I get info on market share or market size?”.

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