GBI Research: Industry Intelligence in Pharma, Medical Technology, Power and More

GBI Research: Global Business Intelligence covers industry reports in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power, Semiconductors, and Mining. Their “strategic intelligence reports” use primary and secondary research conducted by in-house analysts as well as research from propriety sources.

You can find reports a number of different ways.

  • Click on Report List from the top menu to get a listing of all published reports across all industries. Filter the results using the left-hand menu.
  • Enter keywords in the Search bar to search across the entire report portfolio.
  • Filter down using the Industry list on the home screen.


Reports cover market revenues, forecasts, and industry analysis as well as information like the competitive landscape, market trends and predictions, M&A deals, and key events. Most reports are globally focused, but many provide statistics by major countries or regions as well. Below is an example graph showing Offshore Drilling Expenditure Statistics, Europe, 2000–2016.

GBI Graph

To give you an idea of the types of reports covered, GBI Research highlights some of the GBI 1most viewed reports on the home screen. For example:

  • Pharmaceuticals: “Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics to 2019 – Treatment Diversification”
  • Medical Technology: “Wound Closure Devices Market to 2019 – New Product Launches”
  • Oil & Gas: “Offshore Drilling Industry in Europe to 2016”

The reports are extensive, but easy to browse using the clickable table of contents and separate tabs for Figures and Tables. However, the downside is that none of the content can be downloaded. You will see icons representing download options, but these are not activated with an academic subscription. The best way to save pieces of a report is to copy and paste the paragraph you need into a Word or other text document.

There is an option save sections of a report to the “My Clippings” area, which allows you to organize sections of reports in a single folder. However, while this may be helpful for organizing your work, sections you save to “My Clippings” cannot be downloaded either.

To take a further look at some of the industries covered in this database, take a look at the Pharmaceutical Industry Research Guide, our previous post on renewable energy resources, Energy Industry Research Guide, and our Business FAQ on medical devices.

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