Zephyr: Making M&A Searching a Breeze

Zephyr is a database describing worldwide Merger and Acquisition (M&A),  IPO, and Private Equity deals. Currently the file contains more than 1.1 million completed, announced and rumored deals.

A typical M&A search combines variables for geography, time period, deal type, and deal value. Creating customized reports for such deals is easy on Zephyr.

In the following example, we are searching for the largest 50 (ranked by value of deal) M&A acquisitions completed by public U.S. companies in the past 5 years.


Clicking on the circled items will show menus with additional details. For example, the menu for “Deal Type” will display scores of options for deal types, sub-deal types, methods of payment, and financing.

Here are the variables chosen for our example:

Company Status => Listed or Delisted
Deal Type => Acquisition
Deal Status=> Completed
Geography => USA
Time Period => Last 5 years
Deal Value => Largest 50 Continue reading

Ten reasons to Use Bloomberg Templates for Company Analysis

In a recent post, we described Country Risk Assessment, the Bloomberg Excel Template that calculates country risk for 60 countries based on 25 financial, economic and political risk factors. This Template (XCRA) allows you to change the default risk settings and calculate country risk based on weights that you choose. This is just one of hundreds of Excel templates available in Bloomberg.

To search or browse for Bloomberg Templates by subject or keyword, type XLTP <GO>.

To access a specific Template, type XLTP followed by the code for the specific Template. For example, for the Template giving comparable valuation analysis, type:
XLTP XCVA <GO>. From the menu screen, click on OPEN to transfer the template to Excel. Below we give brief descriptions of ten templates that are useful for company analysis.

(1) XCVA – Comparable Valuation Analysis – side by side detailed analysis for multiple securities.

xcva ok

(2) XCSF – Company snapshot with financial analysis – provides company fundamentals, detailed earnings data, and peer group analysis.

(3) XIDA – In-depth company analysis – gives company fundamentals, estimates, and pricing data historically and in relation to peers.

(4) XBCS – Banks Comparison Sheet – compares a list of credit ratings, current market data, loan and capital details, profitability ratios, and asset quality.

(5) XIDF – In-depth finder – detailed view of financial statistics including profiles, ratios, capital structure, multiples, pensions, and segment analysis, annually, semi-annually, and quarterly. The screen below shows part of a Product and Geographic Segment analysis for ten years. Continue reading

Get Real – Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics (RCA) provides in-depth data on the investment market for commercial real estate. Their emphasis is on the main income-producing property types: office, industrial, retail, apartment and hotel, plus sales of commercially developable land sites. RCA captures sales of properties and portfolios of $2.5 million or greater in the US and $10 million or greater outside the US.

Real Blog1

Click on Global => Global Capital Trends® for a report on the worldwide commercial real estate industry. Global Capital Trends® summarizes recent investment activity and trends for all of the major property types. The report also regularly includes rankings of leading deals, buyers, sellers and brokers.

Click on Trend Tracker to find annual or quarterly time series data by geography and property type. Data series include vacancy rates, rent, property price and units sold. Here are a few entries from a quarterly series on average $/sq ft in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Excel RCA

Continue reading