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Real Capital Analytics (RCA) provides in-depth data on the investment market for commercial real estate. Their emphasis is on the main income-producing property types: office, industrial, retail, apartment and hotel, plus sales of commercially developable land sites. RCA captures sales of properties and portfolios of $2.5 million or greater in the US and $10 million or greater outside the US.

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Click on Global => Global Capital Trends® for a report on the worldwide commercial real estate industry. Global Capital Trends® summarizes recent investment activity and trends for all of the major property types. The report also regularly includes rankings of leading deals, buyers, sellers and brokers.

Click on Trend Tracker to find annual or quarterly time series data by geography and property type. Data series include vacancy rates, rent, property price and units sold. Here are a few entries from a quarterly series on average $/sq ft in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Excel RCA

Click on Player Market Rankings for “League Tables” of most active buyers/sellers/markets by geography and property type.

For details of (e.g.) recent apartment sales in Philadelphia, do a Quick Search by market and property type.

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Click on Products => Troubled Assets for a file of distressed property data. Search any market for distressed situations such as: foreclosures, bankruptcies, restructured/modified mortgages, lender REO properties and resolved distress. Troubled assets are further classified at the loan, property and ownership level.

For additional information on Real Estate see our Guide to the Industry and our previous post on income and expense data for commercial properties.

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