Moody’s Analytics: Bond Research In-Depth

Moody menuMoody’s Analytics is a comprehensive database of Moody’s rating methodologies, disclosures and performance metrics, as well as Moody’s ratings and descriptions of 170,000 organizations world-wide.

To retrieve Moody’s ratings of individual organizations, mouse over “Research & Ratings” from the main menu, choose “Look Up a Rating” and enter the organization’s name.

Moodys Menu detail

To find Moody’s ratings by category, mouse over “Research & Ratings” and screen on any combination of :

  • Date
  • Market Segment (e.g. Sovereigns, Corporates)
  • Geography (by Region or Country)
  • Credit Quality (e.g. Investment Grade)
  • Political Group (e.g. Emerging Markets)
  • Research type (e.g. Industry)

The screen below is the first few entries of a report listing U.S. corporate bonds in the aerospace/defense industry.

Moody's Aerospace corporate screen

Click on “Organizational List” for a list of organizations. Click on the name of the organization for details.

Other Moody’s Analytics files include:

Rating Methodologies – Detailed description of Moody’s methodology in assigning ratings by industry. To the left is the Table of Contents of a report from the regulated electric and gas utilities industry.

Rating Disclosures – Deals submitted to Moody’s for initial review.

Rating Performances such as Moody’s Monthly Default Report and Performance of Moody’s Corporate Debt Ratings.

Special Reports which include analyses on credit risk, ratings and current events. Examples are the 2014 Outlook – Global Oil & Gas and Moody’s Bond Covenant Quality Scores.

 For additional sources for bond data, see our FAQ.

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