Bloomberg’s PAC-MAN: Tracking Company Campaign Contributions

Determining company and PAC (Political Action Committee) contributions to candidates is made easy with Bloomberg’s Campaign Finance module.

Type BGCF <GO>

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

The series of screens below show the increasing detail available for election results by industry. The initial screen gives an industry sector breakdown showing the number of candidates who received at least $25,000 from individual company employees for each Sector ($25K+ Candidates) and the number of winning and losing candidates.


Click to Expand

Click to Expand

Clicking on a Sector will reveal the companies within the sector and their contributions.

Further detail is available at the company level showing individual candidate donation and external PAC recipients.

Use the left hand column of the initial screen (Monitor, Candidates, Donors PACS) to find information about specific companies and individuals. For example, to find contributions made by companies and PACS to individual Senators or Representatives, click on, for example, HOUSE (under the heading Candidates) and then on the name of a Representative. Search by company name to find donations by individual employees to candidates together with percentage of donation by party and office.

Bloomberg uses information supplied by the FEC – Federal Election Commission. Candidates for House and Senate are required to file with the FEC quarterly.

See our Business FAQ for other resources for corporate contributions to U.S. political parties.

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