Do You Have This Report? Finding Market and Industry Reports

Doing research on an industry? The Library has several databases that can help. Most Library resources can be accessed by typing the database name into the Findit box at the top of the Library homepage.


Net Advantage – Standard & Poors has been providing industry surveys since 1941. Older, print editions are available at Lippincott Library – Peck Collection (call number HG4921 .S672).  Recent years are available electronically. Once you are logged into the database, click on the Industries Tab. While coverage is mostly limited to the U.S. there are some international reports as well. The reports include industry profiles, trends, how the industry operates, key ratios, and how to analyze a company in this industry. Comparative company analysis is also available for industry leaders.


Moody’s Analytics examines industries from the standpoint of the bond markets. Not only does Moody’s provide very detailed reports on their methodologies for rating bonds in a particular industry, it also provides industry outlooks explaining what industry trends will affect the bond markets. Coverage is international in scope. Both types of reports provide deep insight into what is needed for an industry to thrive and what companies in that industry have the strongest potential for investment.Combined_2

Navigate using the Ratings and Research Tab. Next in the middle column, select Research Type and then choose Industry/Sector Research or Methodologies.

Use the filters on the left of the screen to limit to Corporates (under Market Segment) and then select an industry from the Market Segment filter. These are listed in alphabetical order.


Business Monitor International provides industry coverage from a geographic point of view. This is an excellent source for industry trends in emerging markets. Twenty-two broad industry categories are covered, but each industry is then broken down into segments. For instance, air transport is covered in Freight Transport as well as in Tourism. Select a Region and then on the left of the screen select an industry. Quarterly Industry Reports, with forecasts, are located on the lower right of the screen.


Bloomberg, available at Lippincott Library or Huntsman Hall, provides industry overviews using a “Bulls vs. Bears” approach. Type BI to launch the Bloomberg Industries menu. Scroll through the listed industries or type in an industry, such as Airlines, into the BI search box.

BCC Research. This database covers science and technology industries. Reports BCC_editedprovide 5-year market forecasts with statistical and analytical information on the markets, applications, industry structure, major players, market shares, industry dynamics, technology and technology shifts, and international developments relevant to these critical markets. Search by keyword or click on a subject area to begin your search.


IBIS World Industry Reports. This database covers over 700 industries for the U.S. and China. Some reports provide a global perspective. This database covers many smaller, niche industries such as fitness facilities, solar panel manufacturing, commercial property remodeling and many others. Search by keyword. Reports include industry outlook, products and markets, competitive landscape, operating conditions and key statistics, all of which are often difficult to find for small industry segments. Academic. This database has a U.S. focus and covers the following industries: Service Industries, Consumer Goods, Demographics, Food & Beverage, Heavy Industry, Life Science, Public Sector, and Technology & Media.
Contributors include: Kalorama Information (life sciences), Packaged Facts (consumer market research), SBI (Energy), and Simba Information (traditional and new media ). Search by keyword or select a topic and drill down. For keyword search, this database sorts by relevance. To find the most recent reports, click on Published to sort by date.

For additional resource recommendations consult Lippincott Library Research Guides, specifically Industry Studies.  You can also search for resources on a topic by using our FAQ.  Type in a keyword such as energy to locate resources specific to that subject.

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