ProwessDX – A NIFTY Database of India Company Financials

We’ve all heard of the NYSE and the S&P 500, but what are the BSE and the NIFTY?   

The ProwessDX database of Indian Company Financials has a few such unfamiliar acronyms. Once you get past them, you will find the database easy to navigate as well as comprehensive. Prowess is a database of the financial performance of 34,000 Indian companies. The database is updated continuously and typically covers the period 1990 on.

Annual Reports of companies and data available from India’s two largest stock exchanges (Bombay Stock Exchange, BSE, and the National Stock Exchange, NSE) are the principal sources of data. The database includes listed companies, unlisted public companies and private companies. Note: You will need to create a personal login account before searching. 

Search Prowess in Five Steps:

Step 1:  Choose the live (continuously updated) database, or a snapshot from March 2014 or December 2013. Prowess refers to these options as the database’s “vintage”.

Step 2: Select Data. The data may be either a pre-defined set, such as all companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange, an uploaded list of companies of your own choosing, or a created set using database identifiers.

Spelling out some of the acronyms will help clarify the choices in the menu below.

BSE = Companies in the Bombay Stock Exchange

NSE = Companies in the National Stock Exchange

SENSY – Companies in The Bombay Stock Exchange Index of 30 companies

NIFTY – Companies in The National Stock Exchange Index of 50 companies

COSPI = Companies in an Index of 2,312 Companies

Prowess STEP2

Step 3:  Select Indicators and time period.

Prowess STEP 3

Selecting, for example, “Stand Alone Financial Statements” will open another menu giving additional detailed variables related to that choice.

Prowess step DETAIL

Step 4: Select output preference (date, currency, units)

Step 5: Execute extraction

Prowess creates a .zip file which when downloaded will result in two .txt pipe (|) delimited files. The dat.txt file contains the data and the map.txt is a file that maps the column headers to names of the variables.

To convert the text file to an Excel file follow these steps:

  • In Excel, click File => Open
  • Browse for All Files (*.*)
  • Open the dat.txt file from the Prowess download
  • In the Text Import Wizard, set the File Type to Delimited, click Next
  • Choose “Other” as the delimiter and type a pipe, | , in the box, click Next
  • Click Finish

Here is an example of the output showing the largest companies in India ranked by revenue for 2013.

Prowess Output

For additional sources on India business, see our Guide.

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