Smoking Out Cigarette Data with PASSPORT


Sean Griffin from Euromonitor’s Passport GMID Database recently sent us a bulletin celebrating the Great American Smokeout. This is an annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society designed to encourage people to quit smoking for 24 hours with the hope that the decision will be permanent. Sean uses the Passport database to examine smoking habits in the U.S. With his permission, we’ve adopted his examples and descriptions in the following post.



Smoking Habits

Smoking was much more accepted in the past.  For example, RJ Reynolds was a sponsor of The Flintstones in the early 1960’s.  Fred and Barney Rubble became spokestoons for Winston Cigarettes.  RJ Reynolds also went on to introduce the Joe Camel mascot to promote Camel cigarettes.  RJ Reynolds retired Joe Camel in 1997 after the campaign was criticized for influencing children to smoke,

Attitudes towards smoking have certainly changed over the years.  The consumer lifestyles report for the US in Passport reveals that the smoking prevalence in the US has declined in recent years.  In addition to health concerns, recent smoking restrictions have contributed to the decline of smoking rates.  Another factor contributing to the decline is the rising demand for electronic or e-cigarettes.  The datasets taken from Passport below indicate that the historic decline in smoking is expected to continue.

Market Sizes – Forecast Growth of Cigarettes

The Passport database gives a global view of the cigarette market, and forecasts a market decline in most major economies.

Pasport Smoking Table1





Passport Smoking Projections

The US market, for example,  has a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -2.3% for the period of 2013-18.



To access these tables, Click on SEARCH, and from the Category Tree, scroll down to

“Countries & Consumers”.  Check relevant categories under “Smoking”. Then “Choose Geographies” (USA).

Passport menu

Brand Shares

The cigarettes brand share data for the US in Passport provides several interesting nuggets.

  • Marlboro is the most popular brand of cigarettes in the US.
  • Pall Mall has shown the most amount of growth over the last five years.
  • RJ Reynolds has 5 of the top 10 cigarette brands in its portfolio – including Camel and Winston.

Passport brands

To access this table, Click on SEARCH, and from the Category Tree, scroll down to Tobacco =>Cigarettes

Then Choose Geography =>USA

Select “See Data Now” and click on the icon for “Brand Share”

“Brand Share” is only one of several categories for which Passport has data.

Others categories include “Company Shares”, “Distribution”,  “Pricing”,  “Illicit Trade”, “Product Ingrediants” and “Trade Statistics”.

The Great American Smokeout is intended to encourage people to stop smoking.  But your addiction to Passport is completely healthy and requires no cure!

For more information on Passport and other sources of  marketing information see:

Increase your Market Share IQ.


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