Find all the news that’s fit to print in Factiva

Looking for the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal? Want to know what reporters for the New York Times have to say about a recent IPO? Interested in how local newspapers are covering a small company or a new business? Factiva has you covered, offering access to a variety of newspapers, magazines, and web news sources, with coverage of many publications going back to the 1980’s. Factiva includes three search options: Search Builder, News Pages, and Company/Markets.

Search Builder

Search Builder covers thousands of news sources and allows you to search for news articles by keyword and with a range of filters. Click “Search” in the top toolbar to get started with a standard keyword search. For example, if you want to find all news coverage of Snap Inc., search Snap Inc. or Snapchat in the “Free Text Search” box.  Factiva‘s default date range is for the last 90 days, but you can use a pre-set date range or set a custom date range, and Factiva covers most publications back to the mid-1980’s.

more options

To refine your results, go to the list of filters and click the blue arrow next to “More Options”. Click the dropdown menu labeled “Full Article” and select “Headline and Lead Paragraph” to search for your free-text terms in the headline and first paragraph of each article, instead of the entire article. The “Language” filter is also particularly useful if you’re looking for news coverage in a specific language. Click the blue arrow next to “Language” to limit your results to articles in your language of interest.

wsj sourceYou can also limit by source.  For instance, if you want to look at older editions of the Wall Street Journal, use Search Builder. Type your search terms in the “Free Text Search” box and set your date range. To limit your search results to articles from the Wall Street Journal, click the blue arrow next to “Source” and type Wall Street Journal in the search bar. Choose “The Wall Street Journal – All Sources” from the list of sources. Set any other filters of interest, and then click “Search” to see your results.

field tags

Factiva also offers specialized search terms called field tags to narrow your results. If you want to limit your results to articles from the Wall Street Journal’s Business & Finance column that have Snap in their headline or first paragraph, search clm=Business & Finance and hlp=Snap in the “Free Text Search” box. Check out the screenshot to the right for a list of the most popular field tags. For more information about using field tags, go to the left side of the “Free Text Search” box and then click “Examples”. You’ll find the full list of field tags available in Factiva along with a definition of each tag, how to use it, and a sample search.

News Pages

One of the more common questions we get asked is if the library subscribes to the Wall Street Journal. Lippincott Library provides full-text access to the Wall Street Journal through several of our databases, including Factiva. The News Pages tab offers the last two weeks of the Wall Street Journal as well as the most recent editions of the New York Times and other business publications like Barrons.  You can browse all of these publications by day and by section, or search the latest two weeks (dailies) or 2 months (weeklies) by keyword.



snap inc snapshot

Factiva also offers company and industry snapshots, stock and fund quotes, and market data. Go to the “Companies/Markets” tab in the top toolbar to find and click “Company” to find snapshots of both publicly-traded and private companies. Each snapshot includes a company description, industry classification, news coverage, and stock price activity for publicly-traded companies. Go to “Companies/Market” and click “Industry” to find snapshots on a variety of major industries. Each snapshot covers industry news, ratios and averages, and top companies by sales. Finally, go to “Companies/Markets” and click “Quote” to find stock prices or click “Market Data Charts” to draw your own stock price or index charts.

Those are the facts about Factiva. If you have questions about it, or any other library resource, contact one of the Lippincott Librarians. We’re here to help!

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