At last, Pitchbook has come along…

Lippincott Library is proud to announce the addition of Pitchbook to our list of business resources. Covering a vast array of data related to private capital markets, Pitchbook can provide the Wharton community with research information on private equity and venture capital. You will need to create an account, based on your Penn email address. There are download limitations:  Each individual has 25 downloads per month and can use up to 10 in a day.  Unlimited access using the API function in excel is available for public companies.

Conducting a Person Search

Of many capabilities, Pitchbook allows users to search and browse information about individual investors using their Advanced Search Tool. You have the option to either search for a specific person by name, or apply filters in order to retrieve a group of people with similar traits.

The Pitchbook people search function is displayed. The left side allows users to search for a specific person by identifiers such as name. The right side allows a user to apply filters for characteristics of individuals that will retrieve a list of people with similar criteria.

Utilizing filters on the right-hand side of the screen will allow the user to locate a group of like individuals. You can filter by:

  • Firm Type
  • Position Title
  • Position Department
  • Position Status
  • Location
  • Industry
the results of a people search with the private equity-backed, limited partner, Chief Financial Officer, former and active positions, and energy industry filters applied

For instance, this search has set filters for individuals who are or have been associated with a private-equity backed limited partner firm, who are chief financial officers in the energy industry.

Every person listed in a search is assigned a Person Profile that includes more detailed information about their work accomplishments as well as their personal information and LinkedIn profile, offering networking capabilities to the user.

The Person Profile for Angelo Acconcia of the Blackstone group

Personal profiles contain sections on:

  • General Information
  • Contact Information
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Positions (Past and Present)
  • Board Seats
  • Affiliated Deals
  • Affiliated Funds

Pitchbook is not the only Private Equity resource the library has to offer, check out our Private Equity and Venture Capital LibGuide for even more resources! Need more personalized research assistance? Ask a question or make an appointment with one of our librarians today.

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