Detailed Cryptocurrency Data from Kaiko – Available Now!

Itching to analyze cryptocurrency data down to the tick? Kaiko’s rich historical data—accessible through the Lippincott Library—offer details from more than 50 exchanges and 7,500 currency pairs, letting you expand the boundaries of your research.

Kaiko logo

Get raw trade data in addition to OHLCV (Open; High; Low; Close; Volume) and VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) summaries. All data are provided in normalized flat files that make cross-exchange comparisons straightforward, and yesterday’s activity is added daily, ensuring your information remains relevant. Check out Kaiko’s complete instruments list to see that included exchanges far exceed only large contenders such as Bittrex or Coinbase while covered currencies go beyond just top options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. These data are far-reaching.

To access this rich resource, follow the instructions in Kaiko’s library catalog listing. The Lippincott librarians will update your Penn+Box permissions so you can start exploring right away!

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