Survey Says: Explore Consumer Behavior with Statista

When you see the name “Statista,” you probably draw some immediate (and accurate) conclusions about the kind of information this database provides. What you may not know, however, is that in addition to providing market- and consumer-related statistics, Statista has also developed a feature called the Global Survey. This intuitive tool enables users to research and manipulate data on a wide variety of consumer behavior topics. Included in this survey is the ability to cross-tabulate data allowing further insight into consumer behavior. You are able to explore relationships between demographics and consumer activity. The following shows you how to use Statista’s Global Survey to create a crosstab aimed at discovering consumers’ grocery shopping habits.

This image shows the industries and topics included in the Consumer Survey.

Once in Statista, select Global Survey from the top tool bar. Look for the Browse the Global Consumer Survey button to begin building a search. If you are interested in exploring the depth of coverage, an interactive overview of survey content is available, as pictured above.

Open the survey and select the data set for the geography you want (e.g., U.S.). This will launch the survey’s interactive dashboard. From here, you can begin to generate your crosstab, first by selecting the “Cross table” option at the top of the page. 

This image displays how to select the cross table feature in the Global Survey.

Next, use the left menu of the dashboard to expand the variables to identify your area of interest. You will be populating the columns of your crosstab first. For this example, I began by selecting the topic of my research, Grocery shopping by brand. 

This image displays how to use the categories feature of the Global Survey to start populating a cross tab.

Now I want to identify the type of consumers I’m interested in by defining their demographics as the rows. Use the left menu again to expand the Characteristics & demographics variable to select groups of interest. You can see that I have added Gender, Age (10-years brackets), Ethnicity, and Region – United States to my table. 

This image shows how to add demographic categories to a crosstab in the Global Survey.

Once all the variables are selected the survey automatically generates a crosstab in your web browser. You can also export to Excel via the Export CSV button. 

This image shows a completed crosstab and how to export it as a CSV file.

This is just one way to make use of this multifaceted tool. Be sure to explore it on your own to discover more of its coverage and features, including trend and country comparisons, customizable target groups, and Content Specials, which are prepared reports using data from the Global Survey that focus on specific topics. 

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