Research Spotlight: Foreign competition for shares and the pricing of information asymmetry

The second installment of Research Spotlight, a Datapoints series focusing on research emerging from Wharton that has made use of library resources, highlights a paper co-authored by Wharton faculty member Robert E. Verrecchia. “Foreign competition for shares and the pricing of information asymmetry: Evidence from equity market liberalization” was published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics 67. 

By using the equity market liberalization of several emerging market countries within a ten-year period, this study examines how the degree of competition for a firm’s shares affects the pricing of information asymmetry. Among other resources, the authors used Bloomberg and Datastream to obtain accounting variables as part of their analysis, as well as additional macroeconomic data from Datastream. Bloomberg is the definitive source of information for security pricing, indicative and fundamental data, customized analytics and business news. And, as noted in an earlier post, Datastream is a historical financial database that covers equities, bonds, commodities, exchange rates, company fundamentals and more. 

For more information on these resources, please contact a Lippincott librarian

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