Consumer Marketing and COVID-19: Lippincott Library Resources


Covid 19: CDC

COVID-19 has turned the world the world upside down and dramatically impacted the way we behave.  New conditions require new solutions. Some of Lippincott Library’s resources can help make sense of what this means for consumer behavior and marketing. Below is a sampling of some resources and the types of information available.

The COVID-19 guide from Penn’s Biomedical Library provides links to campus, city, state and national resources oriented to the crisis, as well as to areas of emerging research.

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R Craft: Did Your Policy Make a Difference?

Did you (or your company, or your government…) try something new? You’ll want to know whether that change made a difference. Fortunately, the R statistical programming language offers easy-to-run tests that can help you compare performance before and after the policy went into effect.

R software logo
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