Have Questions? We Have Answers! Lippincott’s Business FAQ

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Looking for information on the medical device industry? Wondering where to find company financial ratios? Want to find the latest issue of Forbes or The Wall Street Journal? Look no further than Lippincott Library’s Business FAQ for answers to these and many other business research questions.

Accessible from the Lippincott Library home page and the search box on the Penn Libraries home page, the Business FAQ is the perfect starting point for many business research needs. This self-help resource currently includes more than 300 (and counting) questions and answers covering various aspects of business research and more.

Simply type a concept (keyword, phrase in quotes, or combination of words) into the Business FAQ search box on the Lippincott Library home page, click the Ask button, and a list of relevant questions appears. Select the question that fits your needs.

Business FAQ keyword search for bond

Answers feature hyperlinked resources with content overviews, access instructions, and details about why the resource would be more appropriate for a specific research need.

Business FAQ answer to the question "How do I find data on total returns for stocks, bonds, and indexes?"

Business FAQ questions and answers are maintained by Lippincott Librarians based on experience responding to questions from Wharton students and faculty.

If your question is not included in the Business FAQ, the system provides an option to “Submit Your Question” for addition to the FAQ repository:

Business FAQ Submit Your Question button

Fun facts about Lippincott’s Business FAQ:

The most popular question is “How do I find analyst reports (investment bank research)?” followed by “Where can I screen for companies by IPO date, and how do I find the IPO date of a specific company?” and “Where can I find credit and bond ratings for a particular company?

The Business FAQ includes resource access questions such as “How can I access Bloomberg?” and “Why am I having difficulty using Thomson ONE?

Answers often include both subscription and publicly available resources. For example, see answers to “How do I find data on consumer demographics and buying behavior?” and “Where can I find economic, industry, and country forecasts worldwide?

There are even FAQs intended for specific audiences. For example, “How may I use the library’s resources for classes or projects that involve working with an external client?” and “As an alumnus, which online business resources am I able to access when I visit the library?

Original software for the Business FAQ was created and maintained by the Penn Libraries Information Technology and Digital Design Department. Penn shared that software with other academic libraries that were members of the Business FAQ Consortium. Over the years, software platforms changed and now each academic library maintains its own Business FAQ repository.  

Next time you have a business research question, consult Lippincott’s Business FAQ for the answer!