How do Americans spend money? The Consumer Expenditure Surveys know

How did the COVID-19 pandemic change how people at different income levels spent? What impact did economic stimulus measures have on purchases? Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) could help you answer these questions and more.

Line graph of mean US Consumer Expenditure for (in descending household spend) Housing, Transportation, Food, Entertainment, Alcoholic beverages, and Reading
Data from CE Tables, 2013-2019 Multiyear table
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Adaptogens and Cannabis: Recipes for Stress Relief

Let’s face it: we are all stressed out. According the CDC Household Pulse Survey in 2019 In 2019, 8.1% of adults aged 18 and over had symptoms of anxiety disorder, 6.5% had symptoms of depressive disorder, and 10.8% had symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder. By April 2021, 32.1% of respondents reported symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder. We need to decompress.

Image of results from the CDC Household Pulse Survey showing percentage of respondents reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression as of April, 2021

Consumers are focused on health and wellness, including natural ingredients. In food, beverage, pain relief, and beauty products, adaptogens and CBD ingredients are becoming more popular and sought out by consumers. A simple search in PubMed for adaptogens and stress retrieved 317 articles discussing the efficacy of adaptogens in relieving stress.

Several Lippincott Library resources can help in exploring the opportunities for alternative or innovative ingredients.

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