Which stats test do you need? Sage Answers

You have data. You’ve cleaned it. You wonder: What statistical test should I run? Sage’s Which Stats Test tool can help you pick the right test for your statistical analysis.

This screenshot of the Sage Which Stats Test tool says, "Which Stats Test. Knowing which statistical test to use to answer your question is tricky. Use this simple tool to help narrow down the options!"

What to expect

Which Stats Test will ask questions to guide you through test selection. Practitioners consider the same sorts of details when deciding what tests they need, so you wouldn’t be wrong to start choosing tests in this way even outside the tool.

Sage starts by asking, “What is the purpose of your analysis?” It’s gauging whether you want to check that two or more groups are different (as in comparison tests) or if you need to measure the relationship between parts of your data (as in regression).

This screenshot of the Sage Which Stats Test tool says, "Question 1 - What is the purpose of your analysis?" It continues with radio buttons for each of two statements, "To look for differences between sets of data" and "To look for an association between variables"

You’ll see different questions, from this point, depending on how you answer. Sage may ask how many groups you hope to analyze, what type of data you have, and more. Each answer narrows the types of test that either can answer your question or will work with your data.

Not sure what all of the terminology means? At each step along the way, a help section below the question links to relevant explanations. This Understanding Variables chapter, for instance, describes how to tell apart nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio variables. If the help links don’t address what you need, try dropping the word or phrase into the search box at the top of the page; results may include statistical encyclopedia entries that explain the term and how statisticians use it.

After you’ve answered a handful of questions, Which Stats Test will suggest a test that fits the situation you described. Follow the associated link to learn more about that test or family of tests.

This screenshot of a final page from Sage Which Stats Test tool says, "Suggested Test - Mann-Whitney test" and follows with, "Based on your answers the test that seems most appropriate is the Mann-Whitney test," in which the words "Mann-Whitney test" are hyperlinked.

What’s next

You now know which stats test could work for you, and you’re one step closer to gleaning insights. If you want to research other options or feel stuck on the next steps, you can get help:

With these resources on your side, you have the tools to forge ahead.

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