How to Fact-Check your President, Professor, or Peer

Think about your last friendly debate, mind-blowing lecture, or presidential tweet. Did someone make a quantitative claim that seemed hard to believe? If you can gather the data, you have the power to check the facts and come to your own evidence-based conclusion.

Let’s take an example: In the 2019 State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump stated, “the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.”

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Bloomberg Cuts through the Government Contract Maze

Bloomberg’s Government Spending module <BGS> is an important new tool designed to measure the effect of US contracts on a company’s outlook. Based on data from the 500 largest US Federal Government contract holders, the module displays prime contract orders for a company based on obligations posted by U.S. Federal Agencies. Details provided include key statistics, contract portfolio analysis, peer comparisons and quarterly trends.

To get access, type the ticker symbol into the command line, hit the Equity key, type BGS and hit Go. To search for Boeing’s US Government Contracts for example:

 BA US <EQUITY>  BGS  <GO>    

Blog contract first screen

The tabs on the Overview Table allow the examination of different aspects of a company’s contracts. The “Contract Analysis” tab, for example, lists Boeing’s individual Government Contracts by their value, Government Agency, and start and end dates.

Blog contract screen 2

For a list of the companies receiving US Government Contracts, type:

 BGSD <Go>

Blog contract screen 3

For more information on doing business with the U.S. Government and with individual states, see this FAQ.