Thomson One & Browser Compatibility: Using Chrome and Firefox

Students who use Thomson One are already familiar with its quirks. The database only runs properly using Internet Explorer, and works best in older versions (7-9). There is a workaround for IE10, using the compatibility feature, which we discuss in our previous post. For those without Internet Explorer there is another option. The IE Tab extension allows your Chrome or Firefox browser to act like IE, which allows you to access Thomson One using one of those browsers (for Windows only). 

Note that we were unable to download analyst reports using the IE Tab extension in Chrome. Other functionality such as exporting data to Excel was successful.

Download the IE Tab extension from the Chrome Web Store or from Firefox Add-ins. We tested the extension using Chrome. IE Tab 1

When IE Tab is added to your Chrome browser, it will appear as an icon next to Settings.

IE Tab 2

To access Thomson One. Search for Thomson One in the FindIt box on the Lippincott Library homepage. Right-click on the link to Thomson One under E-Resources. Hold your cursor over IE Tab Options and select Open in IE Tab.

IE Tab 3

Log into the database with your PennKey and Password.

IE Tab 4

The only functionality that the IE Tab extension does not allow is downloading analyst reports. We received an error message every time we tried to download analyst reports, but let us know if you have better results.

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Thomson One & Browser Compatibility: The Case of IE9 and above

Thomson One only works with Internet Explorer (IE).  And it only works properly in versions IE8 and below.There are some problems for Penn users accessing materials in Thomson One using newer versions of the browser.  Some functionality, including downloading analyst reports, may not work properly. Fortunately, there is a work around.

Downgrade to an older version of IE.

If you are using a more recent version of IE it is easy to switch to Compatibility View.

Use the Findit box at the top of the Library homepage to access Thomson.  Type Thomson into the Findit Search box and then click the link to the database on the left of the screen. Authenticate with your Penn Key information. Once in the database, click on the Tools bar at the top of the screen. Scroll down to Compatibility View and click open.

Once you have clicked on the tab you will see where you can add sites to the Compatibility View.



Once you click Add you will see that Thomson One is now in Compatibility View.


Click on Close.  A small message box will appear.  Click OK.

ClickOKThomson One will reload. Begin your search. Thomson Reuters is aware of this problem and is working on a solution.

Also check out our post on: Thomson One and Browser Compatibility:  Using Chrome and Firefox.