Screening for Alumni-Company Links

Job seekers are often interested in identifying companies that employ alumni from their schools. Here are brief descriptions of four databases that  uncover alumni-company links. The databases report on different although overlapping populations, and vary in the number and type of screening variables they provide. The biographical information given typically includes contact data, employment history, and, if publicly available, compensation.
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Bloomberg Highlights: Round 2

Bloomberg HighlightsThis is the second installment of our Bloomberg Highlights series. If you missed us the first time, click here to view
Round 1. There is a lot of data available on Bloomberg and unless you are looking for something specific, you may never come across some of Bloomberg’s most interesting modules. Below are a few more of Bloomberg’s Best.

Industry Analysis

Bloomberg covers more than 200 industries, and includes data on market share, key data releases, macro data, news, and more. Many industries include an Industry Primer and specialized data for that industry (e.g. drug pricing in the Health Care industry).

Type BI <GO> for access.

Industry BBerg

Bloomberg Career Center

Type JOBS <GO> to screen for jobs by variables such as region/city, roles/category, salary, experience level, degrees required, and languages. The screenshot below shows the results (52 pages) for a screen on Finance or Economist or Analyst positions in All Regions. Continue reading