Bloomberg LaunchPad: It’s Not Rocket Science – Part III: Adding Components and Pages and Organizing the Group View

This is the third installment of Bloomberg LaunchPad: It’s Not Rocket Science.         Part I provides an overview of terms and tools.  In Part II we learned how to create a basic Monitor and create a View.  Now we will add Components to our View and organize it using the Docking tool and the Group Monitor tool.

Once you have created the Monitor and saved the View, you can add components.

There are several Launchpad Tool Functions that will be used.


Add Components

Type BLP to open Launchpad.  Use the Tools Function and select Monitor Manager.

Launch the Monitor you want to use.


Now, just like creating a Monitor, use the Launchpad tool to search for other Components. Type a word in the keyword search box as shown below and a Component will appear on the screen.  For instance, type in Historical Price. An active screen pops up.


Launchpad4Or, use the Browse function to retrieve other Components. Click on the one you want. When you use the Browse function, samples appear to show you what is included in that Component.  Then click on Launch Component.

Next, use your cursor to physically move components close to the Monitor you have opened.


Customize Components

Continue to add additional Components such as News Panel (current news), charts or functions.

You can use the tools function in any Component to customize it.  For example, for Historical Prices notice the Amber colored fields in the graph below.  You can customize any of these such as date range or currency. Continue reading

It’s Not Rocket Science: Part II – Creating a Monitor or Watch List

Our previous post on Launchpad went over the basic structure of the tool. For those just joining, Bloomberg Launchpad BLP <GO> is a tool used to personalize your Bloomberg desktop. We opened up Part I by displaying an example Launchpad View, which is made up of several parts including a monitor, components, view, and groups.  In this post we cover how to set up a Monitor, which is a watch list of securities. Once you have your watch list, you can decide which components you would like to display, but that’s for next time.

Start to create a View by setting up a Monitor or selecting a Security. In either case you will then add other Components. In this example we will build a View by adding a Monitor. In Part III we will add additional Components to expand our View.

Creating a Monitor

There are several ways to set up a Monitor.

blank monitorType Monitor into the keyword search box in the Launchpad toolkit and click on the link.   A blank monitor screen will appear. Or, in Launchpad, click on Tools, and then click on the Monitor Manager.  Next, click on Create New.

This brings you to a sample Monitor so you are able to see how a completed Monitor will look. Next, click on Launch Monitor which will retrieve the same blank monitor as above.

Third, click on Browse in the Launchpad Toolkit.  You will be brought to a list of Components.  Select Monitor. Click on the link and a sample screen will appear.  Click on Launch Monitor to get the same blank Monitor screen. Continue reading

It’s not Rocket Science. Bloomberg Launchpad Part One: Basics

Bloomberg Launchpad BLP <GO> is a tool used to personalize your Bloomberg desktop.  A Launchpad View will look something like this, depending on which Components you select.

1 Completed launchpad

Use this tool to help you keep up on all of the securities and industries you are currently tracking. The Launchpad can contain a watch list of securities, news, analysis or whatever else you want displayed.  You can save this customized View (create as many as you need) and use it over and over.  You can also change a View whenever you want.  Just be sure to save your changes. And, you can select which Launchpad View displays when you log into Bloomberg.

First, you need to create your own Bloomberg account on any of the Lippincott Library Bloomberg terminals.  Instructions are available in our Business FAQ and at the Bloomberg terminals.  Once logged in, type BLP <GO> and you are ready to starting building.  This is what the Launchpad toolbar looks like:

Launchpad Toolbar

In order to build a Launchpad View you will need to create:

Monitor: A watch list of securities.

Components: Boxes displaying different functions related to the Monitor or a security. Continue reading