All over the RMAP: Bloomberg’s New Company Information Display

Bloomberg describes RMAP (Relationship Map) as a high level overview of market and industry relationships. It is a graphical display with links to key functions that show fundamental performance data. To display RMAP for Merck & Co, for example:


Rmap mrk1

The map shows 12 key variables (Bloomberg calls them “Data Nodes”) that are largely self-explanatory. NEWS, for example, shows the top 40 news stories. EVENTS, shows events from one month in the past to two months in the future. Clicking on the group name will launch an in-depth search using Bloomberg mnemonics. Here are some categories and their related codes.

Indices – WGT
Peers  – RV
Holders –  HDS
Analyst Ratings – ANR
Board/Executives – MGMT
Balance Sheet  – FA BSBAR
CDS (Credit Default Swaps) –  CG
Exchanges  – QM
Options  –  OMN

Some additional features of RMAP

  • Bloomberg uses color coding to indicate degree of change. The names of Merck’s Peers, for example, are shown in green if their stock price has increased, and red if it has fallen.
  • Mouse over the center company display for its current value, volume and price Continue reading