Increase Your Market Share IQ

The cartoon character Dogbert gives this advice to the Boss:

“It’s easy to create a strategy – Write down everything you do preceded by the phrase Increase our Market Share by.

Creating strategy a la Dogbert is easy. Finding market share data can be tough.

Market share is the percentage of a market, usually defined in units or in revenue, accounted for by a company, a brand, a product, a commodity, or an institution.  The market can be defined geographically, as broadly as the entire world or as narrowly as a zip code. Market share figures are usually calculated for the year, but some industries require more frequent updates. For example, the publication MusicWeek gives weekly market shares by corporate group for artists’ singles and albums. In addition, we may want historical time series or a projection of market share data. The number of potential requests for specific combinations of products, companies, geography and time is almost endless.

Here are some sources for market share data.


Bloomberg’s industry surveys module is a good source for market share data for more than one hundred industry groups. The screen below shows market share data for North American Passenger Airlines. Use the command BI <GO> to access Bloomberg Industries. Select an industry and then click on “Market Share” from the left-hand menu. Bloomberg is available at the Lippincott Library and Huntsman Hall.

Note that passenger airlines have their own unique market share metric “Revenue Passenger Kilometers”

bloomberg bi north american market share

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So Call Me, Maybe? Smartphone Market Penetration in the U.S. and Globally

According to Pew Internet, as of February 2012 almost half (46%) of American adults own a smartphone. Smartphone use is increasing (the average user spends 39 minutes a day on their smartphone) and so are users. The firm eMarketer estimates that there will be 192.4 million smartphone users in the U.S. by 2016.

Smartphones are also popular overseas. Bloomberg Businessweek says that smartphone users globally have reached the 1 billion mark. The number represents the growing smartphone market, but smartphone market penetration (product sales as a percent of total potential market) is still low in many regions.

In this post we highlight a number of resources that are useful for finding out more about the U.S. and global smartphone market. The resources below cover smartphone market penetration, but can be used also to research a broad range of topics within digital technology. Continue reading