Consumer Marketing and COVID-19: Lippincott Library Resources


Covid 19: CDC

COVID-19 has turned the world the world upside down and dramatically impacted the way we behave.  New conditions require new solutions. Some of Lippincott Library’s resources can help make sense of what this means for consumer behavior and marketing. Below is a sampling of some resources and the types of information available.

The COVID-19 guide from Penn’s Biomedical Library provides links to campus, city, state and national resources oriented to the crisis, as well as to areas of emerging research. Academic: Academic is an aggregator for several different market research companies including Freedonia, Kalorama and Mind Commerce, among others.  Reports range from the healthcare industry to consumer behavior. One report, COVID-19 Market Impact Analysis: Freedonia Focus Reports (April 2020) provides details of the impact of the disease on a range of industries providing or related to consumer goods, both domestically and internationally. While some industries flounder, others are poised to expand.  Coverage includes industries ranging from automotive products to construction to personal services such as hair salons and food. Globally, one industry that is finding opportunities from the crisis is corrugated boxes.

This is a graph showing short term opportunities and problems for the corrugated box industry during Covid 19

According to Freedonia: “The COVID-19 crisis is also creating short-term opportunities for boxes:”

  1. The medical market for boxes will remain strong as a number of these products are in high demand.
  2. E-commerce will continue to see fast gains. Although some consumers will cut back on e-commerce spending as well as overall spending, others will make more essential and routine purchases online as many brick-and-mortar retailers close due to social distancing guidelines.
  3. The large food and beverage market for boxes is expected to see little downward momentum, as food and beverage products are essential and sales of these products remain steady during a recession.

Other industries, however, such as personal care services like hair salons are negatively impacted.

This graph shows personal consumption spending estimates 2019-2024 real and revised because of covid

Statista .  According to their website, Statista provides statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 22,500 sources on over 60,000 topics.  Statista compiles these statistics into their own Dossiers.  This is a great source for quick international statistics. A search for covid pulls up over 1,000 results including statistics and reports.  The dossier:  Coronavirus: impact on the sports industry worldwide examines the impact of the virus on the sports business, including professional and youth sports. One graphic shows the results of a survey on what is needed to make fans more comfortable attending a sporting event.  This is especially important due to the drastic impact on revenues for this industry.

Graph shows important milestones needed before fan return to sport events during covid 19

eMarketer.  Aggregates statistics from a variety of sources tracking social media and electronic commerce.  It provides statistics, reports and articles.  Click on the coronavirus icon (circled in red below) to find all the latest statistics, reports and graphics related to the impact of covid on digital marketing and social media. 

This image shows where the icon to access EMarketer covid link is located on the opening screen

One report, Consumer Privacy in the Age of COVID-19 discusses how technology and big data are being used to track COVID-19 and how these initiatives could affect consumer privacy and marketing practices in the future.  Another report: Frictionless Commerce 2020: How Coronavirus Is Accelerating Seamless Omnichannel Retail discusses retail innovations driving improved speed and convenience in the shopping experience, and how the pandemic may affect those innovations.

US Adults' usage growth and future intent to continue select activities due to coronavirus pandemic April 2020

EMIS Professional:  Provides international coverage of 173 countries in multiple languages. You can limit by country, language, industry, source and much more.  Once in the database, there is a link to a COVID–19 Monitor.  News, reports, and governmental policies by country are available. This graph shows revised retail spending forecasts from Fitch in South Korea, a country which has experienced a faster recovery from the disease.

Graph showing South Korean Consumer Spending 2020 revisions

Passport GMID:  Euromonitor has long been a  gold standard in tracking consumer behavior and related industries around the world. A recent report, Consumers in Lockdown: Business Models to Reach At-Home Consumers During COVID-19 provides different options to change marketing strategies in the wake of quarantine and coronavirus.

Graph: Business Models to reach at-home consumers during COVID-19 providing 3 different scenarios

To access information on the effects of the disease, click on the COVID-19 link on the landing screen.

Link to Passport GMID coverage of COVID-19

WARC:  WARC focuses on researching and analyzing effective marketing and advertising strategies. The WARC Guide to Marketing in the COVID-19 recession is a new report delving into current issues resulting from the pandemic and potential actions to reverse declines. 

Picture of title page of WARC Playbook for marketing in the COVID-19 recession

There are many other library resources to help with your research. Contact Lippincott Library if you have other questions.

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