Extra! Extra! Wharton Printing in the Library


At long last, the Lippincott Library has a Wharton printer. The new machine is located next to pinwheel 6. This printer allows students to use their Wharton print accounts to print documents, rather than PennCash. Students using the Wharton machines will have the option to select “Wharton Black and White” from the print queue, and can then release their print job at the printer using their PennCard.

Check-in on Foursquare

The Lippincott Library has been physically located in the Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center since the late 1960s, but its virtual Foursquare presence was minimal until June 2012 when it became an official location on the social media website.


Check-in at the Lippincott Library’s Foursquare Location and keep your eye out for upcoming check-in specials. We will be offering a number of specials during the semester to promote our Foursquare location. Specials will include a limited number of coupons for a free cup of coffee at Mark’s Cafe and a raffle for a copy of an interview prep book like Case in Point or Crack the Case.  Help us build our page by leaving tips like a database you’ve found useful or a service you’ve found helpful.

Take the Data and Run: The Sports Business Research Network

Sports Business Research Network (SBRNet) bills itself as “The Source of Knowledge for the Sport Industry”.  This is a “must have” database for academic libraries documenting the business of sports. Covering more than 50 sports —  from Archery to Yoga – SBRNet provides extremely detailed data on market size, demographics, sports participation, licensing, financial and retail trends, as well as international marketing and professional sports trends.

It includes buyTRACK, which tracks the sales of sporting goods purchased on the Internet. In addition, SBRNet covers stories related to sports business in 80 or so magazines and journals, ranging from general sources such as Business Week, to the sport specific, e.g. Baseball Business Journal.

The table excerpt below will give you a sense of the granularity of the market data available from SBRNet. Continue reading

How Much for that Tummy Tuck? Information on the U.S. Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Industry

In the U.S., strictly speaking “Plastic Surgery” is surgery performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Other surgery designed to enhance appearance, for example, a dermatologist removing a facial mole, is described as “Cosmetic Surgery”.

A definition of the industry is provided by IBIS World Industry Reports.

The Industry provides medical techniques to enhance physical appearance for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes ” (IBIS Plastic Surgeons , October 2011).

Two specialty physician professional associations for plastic surgeons that collect data will be helpful in analyzing the industry:

1. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons  – The largest plastic surgery specialty organization. See their procedural statistics page. The Organization reports  performing 13.8 million surgical procedures in 2011.

2. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members are American Board of Plastic Surgery certified physicians. Their Statistics page, provides data on procedure

Continue reading